Monday, December 27, 2010

The Androgyne Files

Pejic Andro Blog 1

Early in November I stumbled across pics of the new super super androgynous aussie model Andrej Pejic and plurked them, and quite a few of the ladies on my plurkline - Grazia espesh, MWAH - insisted that it looked as if Winter had escaped from SL. I wasn't so sure myself until last week when I found the new Mascarade skin release, Raphael. I own a few of their skins but this one was an instant fatpack fave. This is the homme line, there's also a femme line with the exact same makeups named Chou which Elusyve blogged here. (She's having major issues with the fact that I'm prettier than her, but you'd think she's be used to it by now, AMIRITE?) I was inspired to attempt my own Pejic style editorial shoot. And by editorial I mean "My attempts at artistic lighting in absence of photoshop." Feel free to be a bit disturbed.

I know I am.

Pejic Andro Blog 6

Pejic Andro Blog 5


What I'm Also Wearing

From Miamai - Myda Fingernails, Hine Leggings and a really low slung Marquise Corset, and I'm hoping Monica doesn't beat me up too badly for what I did to it.
From Mascarade - Raphael Skin in Night
From *Lightstar - Leather Gloves Black Long and Thigh High Pirate Boots
From Lamb - Heart hair in Milk
From MysTique Salon - Basic Black Unisex Lashes Tattoo Layer
From .:XX:. Millinery - Silver Skull Fascinator. This store is only available on the Marketplace and you need to check it out, everything is 10l or less but only for a few more days.
From Hermony - Eyes in Moon.
From .HoD. - Digital Spinal Piercing in Silver Lining


  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's almost like you're a blogger. Kidding. Awesome pics, fucker. - Gidge

  3. HOT HOT HOT HOT. I don't care if its a boy or a girl I want it!!!!

  4. You know the "Trollboy" took credit for this "discovery" already, right? Obviously he saw your plurks and jumped right on it like he's prone to do.

    Best for the New Year, you styled that look really well btw


  5. Winter, you are amazing. You have captured the quality perfectly.

  6. I want that hair for my elf alt!


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