Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Strangelings Days Indeed

So I'm resuscitating this blog (which... to be honest... was deader than I am) to show you a fairly epic new thing in Second Life and beyond, the Strangelings.

 The Ozimals people that brought you the bunnies that we all know and love have evolved into a new company, Flying Monkey Interactive. Go ahead and click that link; you'll see some super familiar names. YEARS of development have gone into this by some brilliant talents. The Strangelings are a multi platform experience, involving an iPad and online game that will be released in more formats eventually... and they also have this SUPER ADORBS full mesh avatar that you can wear inworld, customisable to the billionth degree.There is this HUD which gives mad colour and pattern combinations, as well as a variety of spines, tails, legs and crowns. Rather than just throw a few boring pictures at you of it, I am going to link to my beloved friend Strawberry Singh's blog; she has made a machinima demonstrating all the features in living colour. In fact... if you were to stop reading this all together and just go gawk at her WAY better pictures I wouldn't blame you one bit.

Another bonus is that they have rebuilt the fantastic sim The Magic Of Oz in mesh! My pictures above are taken at various points of beauty and wonder around the sim, and it sets off the avatar perfectly. The avatar is just one part of this experience though. For those of you who love the breedable experience, its going to get taken to the next level.

Now... I have to admit something here. I'm a pretty crappy blogger as we all know already, I messed up with this post. There were 2 Q&A sessions regarding the Strangelings today, and I was not supposed to show you these avs before 10am on the 26th when they would be revealed. That's TooEffingEarly am for me on this timezone, so I wrote this and set it to autopost at 10am SLT. Yeah... it didn't. And I didn't realise until I got home from work just now. There WILL be more information forthcoming for those of you who are interested, and I know some details and ... I promise that this will be something very fascinating indeed.

So I'm not in time to urge you to go and attend the Q&A's, but all is not lost. I do have an avatar pack to give away, these babies are worth 2500l. To be in the draw, you need to do a few things. I'm going to steal Berry's rules here verbatim because my original ideas weren't great - Boob pics! The best limerick about owls! Boob pics! - and here's the process.

  • Sign up for Strangelings using my code: http://signup.strangelings.com/?lrRef=nwjTj
  • Once you have signed up, leave a comment in this post below using your full SL name and then inputting the email address you used to sign up for Strangelings into the “Mail” box when leaving the comment. Your email will not be published for everyone to see but I will have it to verify with FMI that you have signed up using my code. If you had already signed up using my code yesterday that I posted on plurk, just go ahead and leave a comment below with your full SL name and email in the mail section so I can enter you in the drawing as well.
  • I will input all of the names of the commenters into this website: http://www.random.org/lists which will assist me to choose a name randomly.
  • The first name in the list will be given the avatar by a FMI team member once their email is confirmed that it was registered using my code.
  • This contest ends on Wednesday at 07:00am SLT. I will input all the names into the website at that time and pick a winner and once the winner has received the avatar I will say who the winner is in the comments at the end. 

  • I urge you to go and 'splore the new Magic of Oz regardless of your interest in The Strangelings, as its taken the original wonder that it had and amped it. Emerald City in particular is an art deco marvel, and the witches castle is a triumph of how many penii can be fit onto one building. Okay it isn't REALLY but we've all figured out I'm not terribly mature by now, haven't we?