Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guest Starring Barbarella and Captain Pickles

I thought I'd try something different today to show off these two beautiful Fantasy Faire items, so these are some candid unposed (AO only) uncropped shots taken at Memento Mori at Chouchou V.

Memento Mori

Meaning that the lovely Eve Petlyakov and I just went and sort of fucked around climbing stairs and I took pics when she wasn't looking... and called it a blog.

Memento Mori 3

Don't be alarmed on her behalf, I got her verbal permission to post pictures of her boobs.

Memento Mori 2

What you can see in these pictures - this is the magnificent Fallen Gods Feathers skin in Dove : Ghost - I'm in the XY and Eve is in the XX, of course. I have on the new Teeloh hair from Wasabi Pills in Powder, one of the new whites which I am LOVING. These items are only currently available at the Fantasy Fair "The Tides" sim, and the skin is an RFL special. This hair in a different shade is also available as an RFL donation item. Non fair items - Eve's wings are from Bare Rose and mine are a Miamai custom - boy I bet you HATE it when I do that - but you can buy a similar one named Icarus for both men and women.

The Fantasy Faire runs from April 21-29 and together these creators Alia Baroque and MissAllSunday Lemon made a free low lag avatar set that you can pick up at the central teleport point on any of the sims. I have to go back to the Faire later on during the week to fulfill a yearly tradition that I have - HI EVIE MILES! - and I'll find some more manstuffs to blog. But don't wait for that, go look yourself. It's worth it for all the lovely elves/succubi/mermaids/gladiatrix to perve on.

Monday, April 9, 2012

We Hope You Will Enjoy The Show

Just a super quick LOTD, because I found this Captain Stirling jacket from a tiny little store named Cup of Crown and I immediately went dizzy over it.


I could very easily have fallen down the Sargeant Pepper route but instead I felt had to team it up with this quiffalicious new Shag hair, Suedehead. It looks great on the ladies too, just go perve on Vaki rocking it hardcore. I gave it a bit more pointiness with the tattoo layer sideburns from Miamai. By the way Google Overlords, I think I've typed in "Miamai" enough times for you to stop autochanging it to Miami now, whaddya say?


My skin is a Tableau Vivant - as it pretty much always is - and this is Adam. The Strapped Boots are from Light*Star and I'll be honest, I modded the buttons to get them the nice shiny gold to match my jacket. Light*Star don't have demos but I have bought around a dozen items off them now and have never been disappointed.


Wrapping up this post that wasn't really meant to have any words with it - my pleated trousers are from the Strigoi set by Schadenfreude, every single time I climb up into the elephant's butt I leave with great new stuff. (Things You Only Ever Say In SL #23097.) Gloves are Coco, the vampire ring I never take off is from Earthstones, the piercings are Mandala. The blog is presented to you by a vampire who was determined to take a break from SL for at least a couple of months but sucks really, really badly at anything involving willpower. Plus he may have found a great reason to keep logging in.

SLink's new male mesh feet, of course.