Monday, August 29, 2011

Spiculi Amore


So mine Monica O took me to meet her friend Matchbook Monday of the jewellery store Amorous to watch me gape in wonder at the store build. Which I did, it's stunning. Even if right now it does smell like Zed Linden's pee. (Ask him, I'm keeping the offlines for extortion purposes.) I also fell in love with the astonishing wares, none more so that this UBERSPIKED set "Ave Satanas." Several drinks later, we decided that it was best blogged with me as a naked androgyne angel.


WHAT it made sense at the time. Plus my Mum likes to give me shit about how femme I've been looking on this blog recently, so hopefully this will blow her mind. Everyone wave to her please as she starts sending me another incredulous text message.


I gracefully let Monica take my pictures - I'm a real giver like that - as my monitor blew out last week and I'm using a crappy little 15" CRT from the mid 90's until payday. With the curvature of this thing it's like viewing life from a very dirty fishbowl. Let's face it though, my pics aren't a patch on hers anyways.

Amorous has several different styles of jewellery, from contemporary burnished steel piercings, cyber eyes and candy beaded necklaces to warm wooden bracelets and through to the best zodiac necklaces I have seen in either world. Bear in mind that Matchbook is working feverishly to fill her store so there's still some empty vendors, but the build alone is worth the trip.


What Else Winter Is Wearing And Trust Me It Isn't A Whole Lot.

Hair - Knotted in Pitch by LeLutKa
Skin - Vincent In February by Tableau Vivant
Eyes - Sunrise in Pale Silver by Fashism
Makeup - Deco Eyeshadow by Miamai
Wings - Sofiel Angel Wings by Material Squirrel
Feet - Jolie Pied in Pivoting by SLink