Thursday, February 24, 2011

On Your Guard

Guarded Cross 1

I'd heard of the menswear store Guarded Cross before, and I'd wandered in once before being distracted and getting yoinked away for some obscure reason... I think it was my kids playing with matches, or something equally unimportant... but it's not often that I'll buy casuals. My SL is all about the DRAMA BABY. But the other day I was in a multi designer fashion show hosted by the new agency Pasarella and I was handed two outfits by the designer Ryosukito Felisimo to style up and model. I tried them on, and I can genuinely say that I was astonished by the quality of the workmanship involved. Seamless, great texturing and interesting patterns and cuts. So much so that afterwards I went and bought up a whole stack more of his store.

Guarded Cross 2

And I'm highlighting Guarded Cross today for more than one reason. YES the clothes are made of several shades of awesome and you need them in your life, but also I did really bad in the show... heh... and I think I kinda owe him. Ryosukito took an unofficial video of the show which I've embedded here, and if you look at the 1:00 mark you can see where lag sends me into the laps of the front row.


Luckily I looked damn good. Oh yeah I'm calling it as such, haters to the left. All the Guarded Cross outfits in this post have been helped along in this proclamation with my Brent skin by CheerNo plus hair by Dura Boy, DROT and the innovative and fascinating sets of braids by Discord Designs. I also have the Ballistic Goggles by SISU Paramilitary and the Ankh Glasses by Sangre Noir, finished off with necklaces from n-creation and [M.R.M.]