Sunday, September 6, 2009

Random Bits Of Goodness

So this isn't a coherent blogpost, more a highlight of several things that have compelled me to buy them over the last couple of weeks. Yeah, my lindens flow like water but only these things had that siren song of MUST POSSESS no matter the cost. Like this tattoo...

Tatt Blog 1

This is "Autumn Koi" by the frighteningly talented people of Seven of Himeji. I'm not a brown kinda guy - I leave that to Elusyve, who almost had a seizure when she saw this. But of all the glorious ink there, this one called me the most. It wasn't cheap. But it was so damn good I had to have it.

Tatt Blog 2

This mad Sideshow Bob type hair is by Griddie and sadly they don't have an outlet inworld. I found it on Xstreet SL, demoed a whole bunch of these hairs and spent ages following up the creator. The creator's picks. The creator's groups.... at one point I think I was talking to her mother-in-law to find a store, but nope - its only on Xstreet. Nuts. At least that way I can randomly gift my friends with follicular insanity.

Tatt Blog 3

Oh yes, it's true. I DO have balls of steel. I just retracted them in the interests of taste.

Tatt Blog 4

This was found at the Sci-fi/Fantasy Faire back in June. And I knew I wanted it. It was only just now that I managed to convince myself that yes, I did need it, I did deserve it, and it was better off in the loving home of my inventory. It's the Galaxus skin by NM/MD. You can dress it up, of course. But I figured it was best shown in it's full glory, plus it's bonus points if I can sneak in a second ass shot in one blog.

I'm also a sucker for eyes. I've mentioned this a few times. And I think Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy knew this, she sent me over a chunk of her new line. She will be selling these under the label *Fusemelon* because apparently no one can spell "Philotic." YES, they were given to me.
But I instantly adored them so much they are now my everyday eyes. I've been wearing the same daily ones for over a year now, and it needed something drastic to shake me off them. These are it. Remember that I don't blog what I don't love.

Tatt Blog 5 - Opal

Opal. These really do look like the gemstones, the facets are amazing. The light painted into them is so realistic.

Tatt Blog 6 - Fusemelon

Fusemelon. The flagship of her new brand, these eyes are sure to have someone who is obsessed with watermelons all over them. Do we have anyone like that in SL?

Tatt Blog 7 - Fire

Fire. There's about a dozen different colours going on here. I love the super dark ring around the iris, and the way that the sclera aren't that blinding flat white. There is a range of plainer eyes as well, and all of them have the base eye and prims, with a glow and a non-glow option. Perfect for pictures, and as you can see the closer in the better with these.

So - yeah. Open inventory, take pics, fling them at the general public. This is as much as I managed this time around. It's Sunday morning, you lot are lucky I'm even out of bed. Moar better writings and collations and stuffs next time, I swear.