Sunday, June 9, 2013


So its coming into Summer for most of you, but where I am things are starting to get cool down.

How cold does it get in Western Australia?

Well apparently as cold as it is in say, Seattle... this exact same time of year.

Never has a single snowflake fallen on my fair city. Makes you wonder why I chose the name I did, doesn't it?




So this is more or less what I would have been wearing today in the RL if my plans hadn't fallen through due to a sick daughter. Maybe a tad less bondage harnessy, maybe a bit more guyliner. I'm trying really hard to get mistaken for Tim Minchin in the street.

I'm flat out loving the new textures on Exile hairs; and this is the latest male one, Vindicated. My glasses are pretty much a dead ringer for the ones I wear rl, and they are by ReVel which only still seems to exist on MP - sadness. My newest everyday skin is Nathan by Tableau Vivant, as they pretty much always are. I love them, and I'm not even sorry.

From the neck down I'm leathered and bescaled by Guarded Cross in the Wild Heart jacket - as I said last time I blogged pythonskin, this is what should happen to ALL of the bastards. (Don't judge me until you also share a state with nine of the world's ten deadliest snakes.) I'm daring to go out in public in a system layer tank CALL THE FASHION POLICE because this Harness Tank from RGDW is just what I needed to fit under this... plus I spent a solid frustrating three hours trying to find something that wouldn't clip through the jacket. No photoshopping that shit out from me. Not only would that be a fake, but... I'm really bad at photoshopping. /mesh rant number 27 off.

I've been looking for a super realistic pair of cords for a while, and Phunk delivered on those for me. I'm really liking this store recently; they've got some hilarious suits that you need brass balls to pull off. They are super long with great ankle draping and the best footwear for these was the Miles shoes in Carmine by Miamai. Pill Kanto has been working really hard on shoes for both sexes recently, and his workmanship is flawless on these. They are also available in a black sole if you don't dig the leather.

Final notes... lessee. I've yet to find a watch that I like better than this Lancelot from Chronokit. If anyone knows of any really lifelike mesh ones, feel free to tap my shoulder inworld. This post is also the debut of my new infinitely favourite accessory, this ring from Chop Zuey. If you wanted to know more details of this then you'll see them on Strawberry Singh's blog.

That's pretty much it I think... there'll be an Arcade blog happening in the next few days from both Eve and myself, and I'll be making a conscious effort to get out of the studio and shoot in locations from now on. I can't promise I'll get any better at blogging as - let's face it, I've been doing this for six years now - but I will try fling them at you more often.



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  1. Wonderful as usual Mr. Jefferson. Glad to see you back from the honeymoon and out of the bedroom? ;)


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