Saturday, April 27, 2013


...because I have some new favourite things to show you, that's why.


This so-perfect-for-me Erik hair by Wasabi Pills currently only at the Magnificat sim of Fantasy Faire  as well as this Leather T Shirt from a new store named Xiaj which has all kinds of really interesting things for guys. You can check out their marketplace store too here. 


These BioTech mesh pants from Fruk. Sadly I can't wear their skins; but now Chucky Hollack has gone into a collaboration with Dahlia Joubert of the new store Tabloid  and her women's clothes; and from what I can see they complement each other nicely.


Did I mention yet how much I love this rigged Drache Demon Tail and Spine from Unzipped; also only available at Crimson Fields sim at Fantasy Faire? And OMG HURRY you only have 2 days left!

And oh yeah; these.


DISCLAIMER - Yep I work for Miamai. But. I am super fussy about my eyes; if you know me even a little bit then you get that. I wouldn't endorse any eyes that didn't push my buttons. (And if you don't know me... then why not?) Monica has just released a new HUD mesh eye system named Protagoniste and one of the highlights is the 14 different colours of eyes in it. It's even better value for the other half of the species as it comes with lashes, eyeliner and cheek gems and you only have to fit these things ONCE then you get to play around with your look 5ever.

M'self I'm nuts about the embedded diamond ring. They bring back all my best memories of when my kids were babies and I'd fall asleep in exhaustion then wake up 90 minutes later to a screaming child with my contacts miraculously inside out and gluing my eyes together... ah. Good times.

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