Monday, February 4, 2013


Do you remember when the "Hope for Emilia" Fundraiser was on, back in July 2012?  I was cruising the event looking for things to buy as we have an adopted and most beloved family member who lives in the earthquake hit region. I rounded a corner busy in IM and then I saw it... the tent that housed the Kooqla Ojen skins. I was fairly dumbstruck; and instantly fell in love. They are so beautifully painted and highly stylised, and not everyone can wear them. But those who can are pretty much guaranteed a vainpyre slave.

It never occured to me that one day Kooqla would release male ones.



At first try I thought that I was in that sad group of the ones that couldn't pull it off, but after fighting my shape for a solid hour I proudly bought Gray in the 02 Shade. To my delight the creator also has a group gift of this skin out in a wonderful lilac tone.

Now... as you can see the skin is full of character. It's very highly shaded, and it defines your face for you, not the other way around. I smoothed out the jagged edges of my shape in these two pictures but I've made sure that I didn't correct any of the skin's shading, or do any internal editing. As you can see, there is a small problem with texture bleed on my lips BUT I feel pretty safe blaming that on my own particular lipshape rather than the skin itself. This is a problem I have crop up a lot and why I can't wear many skins. You can see the way the creator Rocketta Haven intended them to look on her flickr stream at this link. So demo them first just to be sure it works for your shape, and your aesthetic.

This post is dedicated to my friends Absinthe for loving this skin as much as I do, and to December so she can STFU about my goal for 2013.


  1. *laughs* cool! I always wanted a vampire slave!!

  2. cool skin.. picked up one myself to use for some shots.


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