Saturday, January 5, 2013

Two Thousand And Thirteen


First up - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Last year was the suck for well.. pretty much all of humanity really. It's somewhat tragic that the cheeriest thing to happen all year was some guy dancing in a stable. Can we all do better than that in 2013 please?

One way I am planning on contributing to a brighter better future is by blogging more than once every six months. You can thank me with floral tributes, a 21 gun salute and the occasional tasty virgin thrown my way. 


So I saw out the holiday period in this rockin' Open Mesh Tuxedo from LaPointe and Bastchild. I own so ridiculously much of their work, right back to when I was a freshly minted nooblet on my first av in 2006. And it genuinely gets better and better. This is a tuxedo that you buy as a starter kit inworld for 699l. It comes with 4 vest and tie colours, and 4 fabrics/trims on the suit itself.


If you want more options, then there are already over 100 add-ons available. You can change the vest, the tie, or the shirt by purchasing a 4 pack texture HUD and just mix and match to your little fashionisto heart's content. As you can see I've already gone just a bit nuts and have managed to spend more than the tuxedo's cost in these add-ons... I swear it was a conspiracy to part me from my lindens. I just can't resist a perfectly made suit.


I've also added to it with the fantastic Dexter gloves from FATEwear with ubersharp Formal Shoes from Deadwool who I am SUPER glad have begun creating again. I blogged Masa Plympton way, WAY far back and he's brung it all over again but this time in mesh. The stole that you can see in one picture is from Sey, and my hair is Entente with the beardy stuff from Nikita Elite. As pretty much always my skin is from Tableau Vivant - what can I say, M4ri1yn knows how to make me look more like me with every new release.


So that's it for now, as far as I can remember that's what you need to do to blog, right? Clothes pictures slurls credit attempt at wit then OUT. OH but I gotta say one more thing before I let you stop shaking your heads and go. Misha Selene - you are awesome just the way you are. Doesn't matter if you are vampire, neko, blow up doll or ... actually blow up doll would be fun. Can you try that?

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” ~Theodor Seuss Geisel.


  1. Quite dapper Mr. Jefferson! I'm starting that hunt for virgins now. I fear it will be a difficult task in 2L but I'm up for the challenge! <3

  2. I trained you well in the Oscar School of Blogging, but I believe my posts were more like every 2-3 months. You've taken my work to the next level... again.


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