Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hey... quick question. Do you guys;  yes you, the three people who still visit my blog after five years of blogging -  HI MUM! - mind if I blog casual menswear occasionally? Or are you more like - hell no. We go to Bouncer, siXX, Chance and Bronson for that; when we come here we expect the freakshow. How dare you. HOW VERY DARE YOU SIR.

Because if this is the case, lemme know eh? I'm trying out this thing where I'm attempting to convince myself that I don't have to dial every single blogpost up to eleven.

Phoenix Test_016


Phoenix Test_027

Mandala mesh Hutuu ears. They are something else, aren't they? I couldn't wear the first incarnation because they had crosses on them. I'll suffer for fashion, but not to the extent where my ears burst into flames.

Ruy hair by Taketomi. I'm not overly convinced by these textures. They are interesting but I think they'll take me a while to accept, just as Burley ones by the same creator did. This style is love though.

Then there's the Double Vest Plaid Date by Exiled Inc. I couldn't find an inworld for them, but I was pretty impressed when I saw this on Marketplace. It's cleverly layered, and it has some real volume which is probably the thing I like best about mesh.

Deadwool are back as I gleefully noted a few posts ago when I blogged some wicked formal shoes.  These are the Lahood pants, and that gathered cord around my leg is HUD colour change.

That's pretty much it... my skin is as pretty much always by Tableau Vivant. My bracelet is Earthstones, shoes which are just out of shot - sorry - are these, and they fit nicely under the pants. Feel free to give your feedback by hitting up the comments on this post, inworld or just ripping the crap out of me on plurk. Any attention is good attention, right?


  1. Variety is always good! Do whatcha do. :D

  2. You look great in anything!

  3. lol I think you look great, as usual and should always blog what you like

  4. I love it all. It's all you, no matter what!

  5. Perfect poses to convey what you're saying. I love it.

  6. I think this is just great and we saw the "other" picture on plurk so casual is nice. (You know the one with the um Piercing ;))

  7. Even in dressy casual, you still stuck to black and red LOLs, nothing wrong with casual but IMHO I like you at least a little upscale :D

  8. Blog away sir! Good clothes are always good clothes! :)

  9. You look fabulous. Wear whatever you want!

  10. Ladies... thank you. Thank you for your input, your encouragement, your thoughts, and for taking the time to share them. You've reminded me all over again why I love SL so much.

    <3 to all of you.

  11. Nothing wrong with *gasp* normalcy now and then, Winter! You look smashing, sir! Red is definitely your colour.

  12. I'm glad you like the Double Vest Plaid Date! It looks awesome on you and thank you for blogging it! I only have a tiny in-world store right now and I can't fit all my stuff on there so right now it's just the marketplace :D but hopefully soon will have a real store! <3 Thanks again!

    -Scarlet Singer


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