Saturday, January 12, 2013


So as I threatened in my post last week - MORE BLOGGING MORE OFTEN!

Except... know that bit when you are on your posestand and all your lighting is finally set up perfectly, all graphics settings are on superultramegaforce, your prims are adjusted and you snap one single pic and then decide you need a ring or something to finish your quick LOTD off...

.... so you double click that item but your inventory says LOLNOPE and dramatically throws an LM under that same spot you were clicking?


So just one picture today then.


Renne Horns by The Plastik
Game hair by Dura
Marilyn skin by Tableau Vivant
Layered Cardigan by Ducknipple Mesh
Henninger Jeans by Ladies Who Lunch


  1. hahaha on your tags...I love that you are posting more as they always make me smile. <3

  2. MISS WHISPERS. You need to enable commenting on your blog so I can reciprocate!

    And... thank you. <3


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