Sunday, September 23, 2012

That Aint Livin' Barry!

Tis a fairly boring weekend because my knee is still screwed up and there isn't a lot I can do in the RL right now, so I'm blogging the new things I attained today. Sure I ended up looking nothing like ME, but I still felt I wanted to splooge all over the feeds messily.

You're welcome.

This is a great new shirt from one of my oldest faves ever, SN@TCH. It's named Deck Crew and comes in boys and girls boobage. This is actually a grey shirt with black leathertype armbands but I played around in Aviary with these pics some, so... the colours shown here today are not true to how they appear inworld. Check with your optometrist before purchasing, as Deck Crew may not be right for you.

Mesh leather pants from LaPointe and Bastchild? Yeah... I fatpacked these so fast and hard that the vendor still doesn't know what hit it. I've been wearing the system layer ones for a year and hoping they'd upgrade. I don't think you understand; these are compulsory vampire uniform. If you don't turn up at the Alaska winter parties in leather pants they don't let you play spin the bottle.

You can see from my Marley Deer Bead necklace from Flightless that I managed to slur my way through The Arcade at the rate of one frame per 15 seconds. It was totally worth it though; even if just to watch Skittles scream when I managed to get the Glam Affair skin she had spent 4k trying to get on my very first spin.

Speaking of skin, I finally talked myself into Tyler by Redgrave - remember when all the fashionistos went mad for it 6 weeks ago, and the pale pale vampire sat on the sidelines as per usual and watched everyone else blog it? Yeah stuff that. So its not new but I only got it today because there was a casting for a magazine, and I caved in under the terms of the mantra "I'M A MODEL AND I NEED SKINS." Remember that boys and girls; its a good way to justify... well pretty much anything you want.

Lastly... the hair. The epic hair. Exile has come out with some boss new colour fusions and I love them all - today he released his first male hair in these shades. This is Broken Strings in the Mermaid fade and its subtle and gorgeous. I didn't even bother to demo this. When you know, you know.

Couple more things... its my best friend Strawberry Singh's birthday today, and if you are so inclined then please go hassle her on her blog, her plurk, her twitter and if you have the talents, she's offering her pixels for a pile up. I've seen some really good ones so far, this one by Tyr Rozenblum shows off her inner beauty in multicoloured, googly eyed perfection.

Lastly... good god; this really is a lot of words for a supposedly "quick blog"... I'm also now a stylist slash photog in AVENUE magazine- WOOO!  If you are at all interested, you can find my spread on pages 114 - 125 but make sure you linger over the ... uhh... better ones before and after mine. I'm still getting the hang of editorial photography, so far I've pretty much just been blogging for a big page. Watch for a few more issues after this because by then I'll be able to cut heads, limbs and kneecaps off my pics and make it look like it was MEANT to be that way... as all the real fashion photogs do.


Don't be scared, SAY IT.