Thursday, September 27, 2012

It Aint Over...

Several things.

Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau dropped this Opera Hat on a few bloggers with a message that it is for the "You Go To My Head" Hunt. I don't know if she knew I was a guy... yeah yeah I know, it IS kinda hard to tell these days... but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. The hair is by Exile and the pants by LaPointe and Bastchild, and you can see both of them better in this previous blog entry of mine.

Plus. KirstenLee has a new viewer out - omg! Due to both an underpowered computer and crappy West Aussie cable internet I was never able to run the previous versions, but this one works for me. You can see how smooth the shadows are and the graphics controls are a dream. Go get it.

Also. Rigged mesh shoulder length gloves - oh yeah. These are from Miamai and won't be out until the weekend and hell... I'm probably going to get pistolwhipped for showing them already. Even as artistically blurred as this shot is, yep. But they are called Rilla and come in 3 SS and a metric buttload of colours with 2 diff fabric textures. I should admit though that these are female gloves; I'm just doing my best to not flex the guns at all in this pic. Plus! Miamai is having a sale with items up to 80% off till October 1st and this does include menswear.I'll apologise in advance for the shrine like nature of the wall displays instore.

Lastly... this is what Strawberry Singh looks like right now.'re welcome.


  1. I will have my revenge, Jefferson. Just you wait.

  2. What, until 1st of June 2013? Took you that long last time!


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