Monday, April 9, 2012

We Hope You Will Enjoy The Show

Just a super quick LOTD, because I found this Captain Stirling jacket from a tiny little store named Cup of Crown and I immediately went dizzy over it.


I could very easily have fallen down the Sargeant Pepper route but instead I felt had to team it up with this quiffalicious new Shag hair, Suedehead. It looks great on the ladies too, just go perve on Vaki rocking it hardcore. I gave it a bit more pointiness with the tattoo layer sideburns from Miamai. By the way Google Overlords, I think I've typed in "Miamai" enough times for you to stop autochanging it to Miami now, whaddya say?


My skin is a Tableau Vivant - as it pretty much always is - and this is Adam. The Strapped Boots are from Light*Star and I'll be honest, I modded the buttons to get them the nice shiny gold to match my jacket. Light*Star don't have demos but I have bought around a dozen items off them now and have never been disappointed.


Wrapping up this post that wasn't really meant to have any words with it - my pleated trousers are from the Strigoi set by Schadenfreude, every single time I climb up into the elephant's butt I leave with great new stuff. (Things You Only Ever Say In SL #23097.) Gloves are Coco, the vampire ring I never take off is from Earthstones, the piercings are Mandala. The blog is presented to you by a vampire who was determined to take a break from SL for at least a couple of months but sucks really, really badly at anything involving willpower. Plus he may have found a great reason to keep logging in.

SLink's new male mesh feet, of course.

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  1. You look quite dashing! And you must never take a break from 2L! :/ Don't make me start blogging sad "I miss Winter" posts again! I am too depressed to do one.


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