Sunday, March 25, 2012

...Is The Word

So I created these pics for something that I totally chickened out of. Like... 6 weeks ago? I thought I'd try and work with a palette of creamy pastels and dreamy lighting. This was my attempt at being artistic, editorial and doing something completely out of my own ouevre.

And then I went and stuck dead birds on my back.

The Word 2

The Word 3

The Word 4

The Word 1

This post is dedicated to my beloved White Hole. She knows why. <3

What Winter Is Wearing

Hat - With Bees In Her Breath by Split Pea
Hair - Raquella in Hot 09 by Raw House
Skin - Vincent in January by Tableau Vivant
Necklace - Narke by RunoRuno
Wings - Couture Birdie Jacket by Boudoir, worn backwards
Gloves - Soft Leather Gloves in Ivory by Mentine
Shorts - Hallie Pants in Cream by Skin Flicks
Leggings - Milda in White by Miamai, tinted
Table - Needful Things by Tableau Vivant


  1. No one pulls off dead birds like you do. ILY <3

  2. I manage to pull the live ones quite nicely too, Strawberry. ILYM <3

  3. The birds almost took away from the butt shot...almost! Thanks for the lovely view Mr. Jefferson. <3


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