Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mono Tones


So I've mentioned on this blog before that when I'm bored or uninspired I set myself style challenges - you'd be surprised how much ennui you can accumulate over 250 odd years. Around two months ago I bought myself a zebra print waistcoat off Xstreet and decided to use it as the base of an all monochromatic yet interesting stark black and white look, allowing myself no shades of grey at all. Yeah. As it turns out, a helluva lot harder than it sounded at the time, at least to Finickity Vampire who is Finickity. It didn't exactly take me a whole eight weeks of wandering fitfully around the grid bareassed to finish this off, as I've just had a month off SL. But my friend Delora can attest that I've been telling her "Almost done... almost.... neeeeearly finished" in a non-pervy way for at least that long.


The zebra waistcoat was long since ditched as unworkable, but the Striped Pants in the shade Ghost from Schadenfreude were a must. I own these things in pretty much every colour, and still find new ways to wear them after almost two years. I've also turned to Allegory's Oxford shirt in white as I love the collar on these things. Muism bought out vests this week, and they are really well made - the absolute minimum of shoulder bleed, which on the male av is inescapable. The textures and wrinkles are also really well done, and it's long enough to cover the waistband of my pants which is important. Nothing shortens the torso more than a midriff top on a guy. Muism also has an interesting range of prim ties, and this zebra one let me bring a bit of Africa back into my look.


As soon as I saw the Docs by Gospel Voom of Gos on the feeds the day they were released in March I knew that they must be mine. And so they were. These are total realism in a shoe, a zoom in reveals just how lifelike they really are. Gospel created an innovative colour system when he made these - you buy a base colour of your choice for a set price. Then if you want to expand the colours; you purchase a tin of shoe polish, wear it - and it adds that to the boots as an option for future use. It saves on clutter in your inventory, and there's a terrific range already available with more on the way. So far I have this cowhide, black, green, red and purple uppers, yellow laces and the Union Jack for just the toecaps. And I keep... going... back.


Crazy Arsed Hair Hunt. Was there ever a more awesome concept? Why, no - of course not. I haven't done a hunt in ages, maybe a year? But this one was just forty stops long, and it was chock filled with follicular win. I even finally found the inworld location for >>Griddie<<, a previously XstreetSL only store which I talked about here. honestly couldn't tell you which of the prize hairs was my favourite, but this one Bonionio by Booperfunk! was the best one for my outfit today. I've modded it a little, it's actually made with a skull mask that covers the face. but... to cover this face, I mean hello??? When I did a review of the Eito skins by Den Dou in December I showed off the gacha ones, but the single one I missed photographing was this one, number seven which is named "Bandit Boy." So sue me - when you are this old occasionally minutiae slips through. I can remember who I had for breakfast one morning in July 1887 but stuffed if I can tell you where my car is parked right now.


Finishing touches - and yes, I know this is a very talky talky post, it's been a while so bear with me, okay? (Plus I happen to know that a particular someone hates my wordiness, and I enjoy giving her something to plurk about.) These black legwarmers are an old freebie from *Henusaki*Love*Creations and I've modded a copy of them into armwarmers too. I've boosted the stripedyness with these hand things from Acid And Mala creations over black fingerless gloves. And I never forget how important eyes are to any of my ensembles, so I turned to these brilliantly striped Flare ones from Sterling Artistry. I'm a profile perver, and the creator walked past me at the Pose Fair. Within minutes I was stalking his store - why not, he also has cookies - but not before leaving with the Ball Pit Pose Set by BellaGrace Baroque of Olive Juice. It comes with 11 inbuilt poses - some of which I've used here - and is mod, so you can mess with the colours as much as you like. I'm sure the balls were perfectly spherical, but SL has been hating all over me for days so even with my LOD on 8 this was as good as I got.

So there, one of my rare OCD LOTD's. And now you know why I never post them, they usually end up taking a week and costing something like 10k by the time I'm happy with it. And at least three reshoots. But I figure I can't go wrong if I just throw my balls onto the feed, right?


  1. lordy that hair is terrifying. remind me never to mess with you.

  2. omg I love your balls!err I mean this post! Seriously you did a fanastic job!!! <3

  3. Hahaha, Winter I love your talky talkiness. TY so much for grabbin my balls! I mean.... taking pics of my... I mean... wait, that's not right :/. ;)

  4. Killer style, wit and sass, and just occasionally, a cute aussie butt - love this blog ;)


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