Friday, May 22, 2009

Rfyre Replicant

"Providence for war is the best prevention of it." --Bacon.

Bladerunner 1

Yes, I dream. But not of sheep. My slumbers are memories of the chase that never ends, the need to keep circling the perimeters of existence.

Bladerunner 2

There was a fifth. But is it I? Am I programmed to believe that I am a machine that feels as a person... or a human that has delusions of construction?

Bladerunner 3

I won't know until it ends. He retired my sister. And now he's after me.

Bladerunner 4

I think... this is the time to let that happen.


This is the brand new masterpiece from Raven Pennyfeather of House of Rfyre, named "Providence." It's also the sexiest creation I've seen for a long time, and it screamed to me of the future - such a departure from Rfyre's usually classic stance.It boasts a multitude of options, as you can see I'm wearing it in four different configurations. There's enough different layers that you can spend all day finding out what works best for you. Myself, I was entranced with the top option, the straps exposing my chest just enough to break up the lines of the mantle and sleeves.

The textures have the realism that all of Raven's designs show, and the buckles and strapwork is clothing layer, but they are so well done it looks like prims. The pants come in two different styles, and they are very sensibly bootcut as this whole outfit just screams out for kickass boots.

This leather spectacular is also very pieceable, I'll be wearing that vest around quite a lot - and you can strip the dramtic sleeves and mantle, and rock this casually if you prefer. But I'm loving all over it just as it is. So expect to be finding lot of little origami unicorns in a trail behind me whilst I geek out at being a Bladerunner refugee for a few days yet.

Also wearing - all the new male hairs by Wasabi Pills, and the Atomic skin from the Keys to the Grid hunt of several weeks ago.


  1. SL should have more stylish men like you. Specially in roleplay areas. hmmhumm.

  2. I went to get it I couldn't find it. : (

  3. Mr Jefferson, I like this look!

  4. Seriously badass! The look, the outfit, the shoot. If I was a Bladerunner I would so NOT retire you. ^:^


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