Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Duck Of Death

There was a niche in male fashion that no one realised was there. That of quailty Wild West styled clothing. Luckily Masa Plympton joined SL, after moving from Italy to the U.S, and bought his art student talents and love of Spaghetti Westerns to us under the label Deadwool.

Deadwool Jesse James
Jesse James Suit

As you can see... although it is a specialty style of wear, he hasn't skimped on any time or effort at all. These textures made me go gaga the moment I saw them, and I bought one of everything he's released so far. I've been quite happily wearing these as a standalone formal suit for the past few weeks.

Deadwool Wild Suit
Wild Suit

Deadwool 1 Midnight Suit
Midnight Suit

Deadwool Brown Suit
Brown Suit

(And yes; I actually managed to fit three horse's arses in that last shot.)

It's all priced very reasonably, and Masa is like the nicest dude ever. There is one line of lady's dresses available, and hats in Wyatt Earp style to complete your look. So whether you shot the sheriff or the deputy, ride into town at high noon and check out these amazingly well drawn suits.

Thanks go to Voshie Paine for showing me these.



  1. You look very bad in black but also very good. What were the dresses like?

  2. wow nice stripes on the pants and suit!


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