Sunday, April 12, 2009

After The World Ended...

... he was alone.

Scrap 4

That vampire book says "When you can live forever, what do you live for?"

Scrap 2

You are given a choice when you are Turned. Die with a soul, or return ammortal. He made his decision.

Scrap 3

But who knew eternity meant just that?

Scrap 1


Grim Bros - Cyberscrap Outfit. Heavily modded.
Arsnova - Matt Skin in 33
LaLa Moon - Assault Rain hair in Silver
[OMFG] Gloves from the Mars/Venus set
Emo-Tions BattleMaster Kilt
~TV~ Treasured Visions Clubbing Eyes in Bloody Rust
Shot at 5ifth Order Boneyard
Stupid f**king glitches in the last picture due to this bug.



  1. <3 pretty, and i !@#$$#ing hate that glitch too.

  2. But you're still gorgeous.. (I didn't even notice the glitches)

  3. *nods* I didn't noticed the glitches because I was focused on the subject...
    I never had that issue and I have a NVIDIA. I've upgrade my drivers recently but I was just fine using 178.13 drivers (look them up in

  4. well done.. beautiful!!

  5. I have it when i take a pic with a higher resolution than 30 mbs, so lower them ;P and things will be aaaallright :D looking hot as usual ;)

  6. Great shots...and damn that glitch.


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