Tuesday, March 10, 2009


You have to feel sorry for the poor designers on my badger list. Especially Zaara Kohime. Two weeks, she's been trying to get these men's version of her Isis shirt out. But she made the mistake of asking me what I thought. And of course - I wasn't happy until it was sheer. Sheer enough to show off tatts, like the women's version. So she called me a slut a few times... eh, I can live with it to get goodness like this wrapped around myself. You'd be surprised how far I'd go, really.

Isis in Blue

Actually, if you know me? You wouldn't be surprised AT ALL.

Isis in Leaf

I'm just mad about the messy tuck under at the bottom, and the way the collar droops open. Even the buttons are painted on in different positions, I raved on about them alone to Zaara's bemusement for a good few minutes.

Isis in White

These will be released in her store over the next day. She has three packs for sale, a Neutrals - Cream, Black and White; a Darks - Navy, Forest Green and Brown, and the one I'm all over, the Brights - Blue, Leaf and a Light Tan. It gets even better, there are two versions of the shirt. A normal opaque one but still with this same awesome hand drawn texture, and that comes on all layers. And then the bonus that I should be ashamed to admit I nagged for, these sheer ones which come on a jacket layer. So you can feature your most badass tattoos like this Eowyn from Garden of Ku. And if you decide you like them, then please - let Zaara know. So I don't have to leave SL forever if they aren't liked?

Poses are from the new Boy Bloggers set from [LAP]



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