Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Dirt 1

Name's Dirt. Dirt Tookit. Biker. But behind my back everyone refers to me as THE BIG DOUCHE. Served time for a few minor incidents involving lead pipes and PVP players. Decorated them with it. Out now, and here to show you the true biker style. From someone whose been on a bike in reality. I am fully stylish, see? I've wrapped bike chains around my wrists. A leather jacket and some gloves and now I'm ready to call myself a fashion blogger.

Dirt 4

Don't mind me squatting down here, my knees are fucked from all the prison BJ's. What can I say, I had a great head of hair when I went in. Nice brown swept back quiff. I think I made it fall out when I inked in these tatts. Plus down here the stench of all the urine puddles in the workshop corners isn't as strong. That's something real bikers know. The ones that are legal drinking age, at least.

Dirt 2

I was really stoked to find these CE Cubic Effect pants. My leathers were splitting open, and these ones I could unzip and roll down to show off my gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgeous waist. I know you all want me, you bargain basement ....girls. Stop hassling me when I step outside, it makes my weekly trips to real life annoying. Seeing as that's the only highlight I really get.

Dirt 3

Of course you aint a real biker without genuine biker's crack. That's the one thing these pants are failing me on, I do my best talking out of my arse. Especially about world events I know nothing about except what I saw on the EQ2 forums. I know what you are all thinking, that this look really is a big NO. Well, it is. But when you get involved in things that have nothing to do with you... then you can expect to hear that word quite a bit, can't you? In fact... I think you would expect to hear it every time you reach out for a slice of "pie."

Oh yeah, by the way - Crockett and Tubbs called. They want their pimp suits back.

This was Dirt Tookit. One more post in the same look and I can call myself a real blogger.



  1. /me is dying

  2. LMFAO this is classic ahhaha.
    Reminds me of a few associates of 'Northbridge identitys' ahhaha.

  3. "Wisdom is meaningless until your own experience has given it meaning and there is wisdom in the selection of wisdom." — Bergen Evans

  4. *sigh* The bikers I know are hawt guys and they don't ride ugly choppers. *sigh*

    mean vampy!

  5. lol great post. I needed that giggle. =)

  6. *claps*
    /me hands award to Winter from The Basement Sluts Association

  7. for a second there, i thought i was looking at my first rl elu topless pics...i guess im just gonna have to wait til christmas

  8. Social Climbing Bargain Basement WhoreMarch 11, 2009 at 6:52 AM

    OMFG this is the is the best burn I've ever seen. Good one Winter!!!! Sands, you were so outclassed. Time to shut the hell up about things that have nothing to do with you. Doesn't enough people think you are a fuckwit?

  9. *claps* bravo ! So when is this anti-bullying event you guys are putting together for the good the society and to send a honorable messege to SL community ?

  10. Son, that was several days ago. And you obviously missed it. Or completely missed the point of it. That was anti bullying. THIS I'd call this man to man - but you won't be one until you learn respect.

  11. Social Climbing Bargain Basement WhoreMarch 11, 2009 at 9:39 AM

    LMAO yeah Sands! If you want to pick on the way people dress then make sure you aren't such an easy target yourself first!!!

  12. So I take it that you aren't buying everything that doosh says at face value anymore, eh? About time...

  13. Well clearly Winter I'm not the only one who has missed the point of that anti-bullying gathering huh ?

    I made a few blog posts dishing it back at people who attacked me first, and my reasoning was to teach them "respect". Now you are doing the same, so what is the difference between my blog and yours big man ?

    Just because I choose to live my life, openly and freely that does not make me a lesser of a man. Just because I'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe in, that does not make me a lesser of a man. There may not be much of a difference between your behaviour and mine, but let me tell you what the difference between me and you is.

    You and your friends have gotten all upset over Gogo saying a simple "NO" to one of the outfits you guys put together. See difference between me and you is, i don't need to go organize an event, hide behind my friends and passively attack someone and deny all involvement. I can look you eye to eye like a "man" and tell you exactly what I think of you. Regardless of who you are, or how many people I'm going to piss off by doing so.

    Anyone with a couple of active brain cells could easily tell that your "YES" event was a cheap coward way to attack Gogo because she said "No" to an outfit of Lawless. You don't even have the balls to live up to your actions and say what you think of someone and you have the nerve to come out here and talk about who being a "man" and teaching "respect" ?

    Difference between me and you is "dad" that around here I'm the only one who truely qualifies to speak about fashion because my experience goes beyond putting together a couple of pixilated outfits in a virtual world.

    And that is all i have to say on this.

  14. omg Experience? Please....Crockett...if your experience led you to dress the way you do and have that poodle hair in real life I'll stick with Winter kthxbai

  15. Well that is your opinion Whisper, however as far as higher ups in Tristan go, they thought otherwise and had me put together their outfits for their stores.

    However as a Second Life fashonista you are absolutely entitled to your professional opinion :)

  16. Gosh Sands, your parents must be SO proud!

  17. So Sands, what exactly are your RL credentials? Please do iterate them here. Have you worked for Vogue? Do you own your own couture shop? Are you actually paid by the fashion industry to style other people? If so, then I'll give you due credit and say you can speak as an expert. However, if all you do is dress in what you think is stylish, then you're no better than someone giving out advice on dressing up a pixel doll.

    Personally, I think you've made lots of big assumptions about Winter, and everyone else for that matter. How is it that I've had a negative opinion of you even BEFORE everything that went on over at Plurk and these blogs? I don't think it's coincidence, mob mentality, or people unfairly gaining up on you. Perhaps you just cause people to not like you? Have you ever thought that the reason people don't like you isn't because of some group think, but that you're unlikeable?

    You know Sands, when lots of people talk about you in a negative manner, it's usually not them, it's probably you.

    P.S.: Believe it or not, there are ways to speak your mind, sound intelligent, and be tactful about it. Unfortunately, you neither come across as tactful nor intelligent. I reccomend you learn how to cultivate the two, especially the latter. Good luck, dude.

  18. Gahum I haven't made any assumptions about Winter. He made this blog post as a response to my blog about the passive aggressive attacks on Gogo. You want to speak about logic, do you guys seriously think people believe it when you say the YES event was a harmless, inoccent event aimed to send a messege to SL community ? Seriously ?

    That event was just bullying someone with anti-bully statements. Even if that -was- the real intention, obviously winter has proved here that anti-bullying isn't the main focus of your group's behaviour.

    As far as me not being liked, have you seen my introduction on my blog ? Do you honestly think if i wanted to pass out a likable image i would introduce myself in that fashion ? Don't be so dense.

    As far as my RL goes, I worked for a french Canadian company called Tristan, it's a mid cart store in terms of prices. I was there for 6 years, i also for a while, when i was 16-18 did personal styling on the side as a part time work aside from my job at Tristan + some modeling. Yes I was paid to put outfits together for window displays, in store displays and merchandise the actual store itself.

    As far as my intelligence goes, i believe intelligence is best measured by the level of success a person has achived in their chosen field of work. My resume speaks for itself, i have been the youngest person to hold every position in any company i have worked for, even now I am the youngest person in my current company's history to hold the position i hold now.

    My point here is, you are going to be reviewed, your products will be rated you like it or not. Sometimes it will get thumbs up and sometimes it will get thumbs down ...get used to it. Grow up and don't go around organizing events to passively attack someone who doesn't like your work. That is childish for grown up adults like you. aren't you poeple in your 30s-40s ?

  19. "And that is all i have to say on this."....oh rlly?

  20. Heh heh... yeah, I had an elaborate response planned carefully picking apart all of Sand's points.

    Then I decided to just keep laughing instead.

  21. Winter!!! Just say no to being sucked into the Sands BS. For the love of god just say NO!

    On another note, Thanks Winter I was a missing all the Sands drama - ranting about some new perceived enemy. Yeah some of these "enemies" dont know when to quit themselves but its a lot of fun for a lurker like me :)

  22. Social Climbing Bargain Basement WhoreMarch 12, 2009 at 7:20 AM

    I just love the fact that he still just doesn't get it. Too much hair gel can rot your brain.

    And if you are 20 how can you have worked in fashion for 6 years? They let 14 year olds be in charge now?

  23. I had no idea that the YES campaign was a response to GoGo initially. It was presented by Voshie as a way to support the Pink Shirt Day campaign, specifically posed as,
    "Does anyone want to do an anti-bullying shot?"

    Of course, my answer was, "YES!"

    If this was a response to Gogo, it became bigger than that, in my eyes. It's not the first time people have taken something negative and turned it into a positive. Haven't you noticed that all the posts say, "Yes, I support Pink Shirt Day", not "Yes, Gogo is a _insert rude term here"?

    Guess what? Ghandi didn't like Britain's rule over India. Instead of going directly to the British government in India, though, he rallied the Indian people in marches and made them focus on positive things. Yeah, we could see that as passive aggressive, but people will look at you weird.

    Second off, just because you have experience in real life doesn't mean you're a professional know-all. We've had multiple politicians prove this point, where they get the job and have had experience, but end up doing shit and having shit for brains. True, it is helpful, but obviously not everyone knows how to adequately use what they have been taught.

    What brings my bold to a boil is that we're being told to act like adults when some people are too focused on materials and time than about a message. Here's an idea: use that abstract thought and empathy you should have gained during late adolescents when your prefrontal cortex finished developing. Then come back and talk.

  24. Are you kidding? The pink shirt demonstration t had to do with Gogo, thats a bit over the top. The Gogo drama in my humble opinion was just silly. She was making a joke about his hat, not about the dude himself. In my real life I have no qualms saying to people I know "you are actually going in public in that look." So i guess I am big bully. So if we are going to protest Gogo's silly "NO" plurk why not protest WTFug and SL Fashion police? I mean really? Really?

  25. Ok that was way off topic but Green Dream's comment made me think about that. hahaha - no offense Green Dream.

  26. or crap not his hat but some pants and socks i think, my bad, i shut up now. LOL

  27. omg, your experience!... You were a clothes store assistant who dressed manicans, oh gosh too funny.

  28. wrong. District merchandiser, but if thinking that's what I did helps you sleep better at night, then go for it :)

  29. "I made a few blog posts dishing it back at people who attacked me first, and my reasoning was to teach them "respect". Now you are doing the same, so what is the difference between my blog and yours big man ?"

    Thats easy. His is way way better than yours. Everything about it is. 40 followers to your 1 proves it all by itself before you start looking at him taking better pictures outstyling and outwriting you. And he made his point with humour and class. You just swear a lot. And still miss the point.

    And what company in sl thinks enough of your look to employ you as a stylist? Winter works for 2 companys as a stylist and 4 blogs and 2 magazines. I dont know what he does in rl but it looks like even if he doesnt have rl fashion experience he still owns you.

    Ha ha ha ha time to shut up I think. Or put up.

  30. Sweetie district merchandiser is slightly up the shop assistant food chain. Like say the district merchandiser for mac donalds... is he a food connaisseur? I think maybe it's time to retract your head from being so firmly up your ass.

  31. Actually sands, I have read your blog, thank you very much. If you didn't care about being liked, you wouldn't keep crying about how unfair the "bullying" is here and on plurk. You'd say "Fuck all" and go about your way and ignore it.

    One can be work smart, and one can be street stupid. Conversely, one can be street smart, and book stupid. The intelligence I was talking about here has nothing to do with your densely packed CV. But then again, I wouldn't expect you to understand.

    As far as the YES! campaign is concerned, it's about UNDESERVED bullying. You are a bully yourself and nothing you get thrown back at you is undeserved, my darling.

  32. Ahahahahahahahaha...now I forgot what I was gonna say.


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