Wednesday, December 10, 2008



June Dion and myself were astonished and overwhelmed at the response to the ROSEBUD! challege and so we hatched a nefarious scheme. So yes - this is a party to appreciate all those who appreciated. I think that makes sense. But it's open to all comers, whther you blogged it, photographed it, read what was going on or just think that B@R isn't half bad.

It's at the White Wolf sim which is next to the Bare Rose HQ, and it's pretty much zero lag. We've organised a nice big area so you can rock your Zodiac outfit or whatever you wear without taking out a wide swath of partygoers. DJ Sumkatz - Summer Deadlight - will be there to play a mix of all kinds of music and take requests. And there are prizes and competitions and all kinds of the good stuffs.

So bust out your best moves with us at 6:30 - 9:30pm SLT on Thursday the 11th 2008, not 2009 as my delightful friend Sumz so helpfully tried to lead you all astray by pointing out on this poster. She's hoping that the supermodel in B@R "Paper Moon" is enough compensation for her error. I tend to agree. I'll have one more post with the final round of bloglinks up before then, so if you are thinking about it PLEASE go ahead and just post one.

Don't make me hunt you down. Elusyve, I'm talking to you.


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