Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Campaign Trail

So - it's mid week in the Style Throwdown. And on plurk Exxy's lovely lady TheDiva Rockin - aka *Kitteh* - posted for everyone to go vote for Express, please. So Winter looked around for his lovely lady to do the same. Ummm... fail?

But - I'm a can-do kinda guy. I make my own opportunities, fix my own problems, kill my own spiders ETC. And somehow I have a plethora of skirts in my inventory. I'm hoping they were group gifts or something. And I have great legs, right? So I hit the campaign trail.

So first - I slipped on my F*M* Boots and posed provocatively at Armidi.

Vote for Winter

Several hours passed. I handed out a couple of flyers... and got some very strange looks. Hasn't anyone at that sim seen a transvestite vampire in purple knee high boots before? Oh.. yeah, I just figured out what the problem was. Everyone is used to seeing me in pink.

I hit Redgrave. Muism. Cake. All the places the fashion savvy hang out. No votes.

Vote!!! Oz

Then I hit the Docks. Wow! I got lots of offers. Very interesting ones. But.. umm... I'm not that kinda boy. No matter how much these are bedroom eyes. I was all but giving up when...

Vote!!! Apps

I think it was the boots that did it. I still don't know if she actually voted for me. But either way... it was a score.



  1. :O
    /me is totally jealous.

    Damn you look hot in those stockings! rawrrrr

  2. one of my fave blogs in a while. fantastic!

  3. Nice hair! You should have padded that A cup a little better tho, usually does the trick for me :)

  4. That lady's outfit is fab! Where is it from, do you know? :D

    PS. I voted! If only because you wore a skirt :P (Actually the silver surfer dude was waaaay cool.)

  5. IT is totally a score! I would have voted for you if I would have been around. I think the purple actually looks very nice on you *winks* and your smile is just lovely

  6. Winter... i won't vote for you if you come to me weating that, srsly... ;-)

    But love your pics of the surfer!

  7. haha!!

    That isn't a miniskirt... *shocked*

  8. WOW polka dots do look good on everyone! I will vote for my favorite vamp on the grid! Going NOW! /me licks fang and giggles

  9. *cough* check Flickr*cough*

  10. Hey funny man, you stole my LVS purple boots from the Pirate hunt!


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