Monday, December 8, 2008

Bare to the Bone - ROSEBUD! Challenge Mash 2

So I wanted to a do another hard mash, one of items that I already owned from Bare Rose at the time this challenge was set. Being a vampire as you can imagine I started out with some rather dark items. And the theme I set myself here was "Gentleman Demon." So I dug waaaaay back into the early depths of my closet and dragged out the Midnight Grace shirt.

Gentleman Demon - another Bare Rose mash for the Rosebud! challenge.

This crisp white shirt with a textured brocade waistcoat is as elegant as anything you'll find on the grid. It comes with a full length jacket but I liked the whole Paul Newman "Hustler" vibe about it, so in full reverence and respect to The Man I left it as was, after just adding a few more straps and things I ripped from the Alert set.

Bare Goth 2

Going down I found in delight that the pants to the Lotus Coat were almost identical in shade, texture and style. Proving again just how pieceable Bare Rose clothes are. I also found the gloves from the Dokoru Oh outfit sat nicely with this - although made of leather with embroidery it has a similar pattern echoed throughout this mash. Finishing at the feet we have omg shoes! that I also wasn't aware Bare Rose made until last week! Three pairs of full sculpty boots in different colours for 100l. I cant think of anywhere else that gives you that, especially not in men's shoes.

Bare Goth 1

Crowning this dark glory we have the horns from the Mastema set, as well as the tail I'm happily swishing everyone in my way with. Up until 4 days ago I would have sworn Mastema was my fave B@R outfit, like, evar - but in this last week I've gone back again and again looking for special items for pictures... and everytime I've been I've discovered something that has made me squeeee more than the day before. I'm styling it with the Flurry hair that also comes in the most boss fatpack of all time, 10 colours again for 100l. I've slung the Moon necklace from their jewellery line at Bare Rose Haute Couture around my neck - well, I'd hardly wear the sun, think about it - and being my constant joyfully malicious companion I have their sculpty Gargoyle shoulder pet. I'd say it acts as my conscience but if that were the case I'd have to sack it.

The only things that are't from B@R in this shoot are my new beloved Corvine skin in Marble from eXcess and of course my fangs. Which I grew myself. I can help you get some too, if you like - just make sure you haven't eaten any garlic in a few days and come knock on my door...


I kept my usually wordy-as-hell post to a minimum so I could display some more of the submissions to the Flickr pool for this Rosebud! challenge. I've kept it to those without their own blogs, but I could easily choke the feed with the goodness that's been pouring in. There's still a few days left in Bare Rose Appreciation Week, so please keep the blogs and pictures coming - I'll be posting round 3 of the links in tomorrrow's post.

Bare Rose Sled 1
Genna Gray

B@re Rose Challenge
Chou Skinstad

Miss Quin
Akasha Divisadero

On the Rocks
Taille Wrigglesworth

Maryna Wind

BareRose Challenge
Arbel Vogel

dark wings
Nina Becker

Darkandiel Bury



  1. *knock knock*
    hasn't eat any garlic

  2. *burps garlic* dammit I will never catch up to your posts. Nice work once again Mr. J.. and I no longer have any doubt, you WIN the inventory contest *lick*

  3. Ok! I finally managed to catch up with the bandwagon!

  4. oooh I see my picture! thanks for putting it on here!!
    I have only started blogging in the last week!
    just a few days after I submited that pic!!
    Such a great idae to do a barerose thingy cos it rocks!


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