Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bare on the Street - ROSEBUD! Challenge Mash

Astonishing. And nice to know I'm not the only one that felt that way. Even if I can't move amongst the Bare Rose aisles for the Fashionistas now - didn't quite think that one through, did we Jefferson?

So I did a full on mash for my first look, an Urban deal. The only things here that weren't items I already owned from B@R is my skin and the shoes. To my delight the Camo Parka was one of those Prize Orb shouter things and an absolute score. Full sculpty so it doesn't take up one of my precious clothing layers - win!

Bare Rose Street Mash

It was only recently that I discovered that there was hair at Bare Rose - HAIR! And very cool anime types too - this is the Syuriken, it comes in 10 different colours and 2 headbands for 100l. Perfect to go with the shirt and funny clear strap... skirt... ummm... "things" from the Alert set. I think the red shows up perfectly against the Cargo Pocket Pants in khaki, but these pants are dangerous - I found a half eaten spleen in one of the zip pockets from MONTHS ago, and we all know how awful offal can get when it's unrefrigerated.

Bare Rose Street done 1

This tattoo was also another find at B@R that surprised me, especially as it's apparently the symbol for the guardian of the year I was born in, the Monjyu Bosatsu. I don't claim to know much about this belief - I just know that it makes for a pretty hardcore looking tatt and that's all the guardian I'll ever need. I borrowed the necklace from the Gabriel set, its been one of my favourite accessories since I first started inworld, that was the second thing I ever bought at B@R. The gloves are also a freebie prize, I ripped them from the Rinne dress that the all-giving Prize Orb deemed would suit me. The Orb could have done the decency of tapping me on the shoulder to let me know I was taking all my damn pictures in the wrong resolution as well, so I'll spare you more of my lets-pretend-it's-intentionally-gritty-and-noirish photos, and spread some of the goodness that people have been pouring out.

You can't throw a rock at the feeds at the moment without seeing some wicked Bare Rose stylings today, and I think you all need to go and be inspired anew by

Luna Jubilee Raul Crimson Ana Lutetia Kristi Maurer Casja Lilliehook Vixie Rayna
Dakota Lubitsch Grazia Horwitz Ivey Deschanel Mouse Mimistrobell TearSong Vaughan Kalia Meiklejohn Amyla Wakowski and a post by Sasy Scarborough that I can only describe as epic.

There's also been pictures submitted to the Flickr group that have made me gasp, and I'm reposting some of them here. No one said I couldn't re-use them, but feel free to take it out of my hide in the most public way possible if you don't like this. No, really. I can even make an appointment for that.

Francesca Balogh

Just Take One Step
Tomoyo Breitman

Shelby Rasmuson

Kamian-B@R Challenge Pic 2
Kamian Trescothick

Queen of Hearts
Absinthe Primrose

Vampira Razor

deposer 2

I've received word from on high, as well. June Dion is really touched by everyone's praise and it looks like something special is in the works. I'll be updating blog links and pictures all week, so everyone has plenty of time to go and rediscover The Rose.

Except for Dove Swanson, you've bought enough.



  1. Yays. You used one of my pics *happy dance*
    I'm planning another Bare Rose shopping trip soon hopefully. I've just been stuck doing the globe hunt of doom

  2. and can i take it out on your hide anyway? *grin*

  3. Yay!!! Glad you like the Queen of Hearts by Absinthe Primrose pic :)) ... Bare Rose is awesome! Just bought awesome coat from there to create a "Snow Queen" av ... WOOOOT!

  4. Awesome post Winter! The last 3 images are beyond spectacular. I'll be taking up your B@R Challenge on the weekend. :^:

  5. Thanks for posting my pic among such a company of photographers. I'm still trying to find time to take more...


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