Sunday, November 23, 2008

Illustrated Romance

Featuring the insanely brilliant tattoos of Psycho Kat.
The sims of Tableau and Trompe Loeil.
And the patience of my adored friend and Muse, Elusyve Jewell.

Shoulder Elf

A beautiful day, a rainbow sim, my gorgeous girl. How lucky am I?

Tattoo Blog
A tender moment above the water. She can't take her eyes off me. The air is just ripe with possibilities. I wonder if I could persuade her...?

Tattoo Blog 3
We'll call that a big YES, shall we? Score!

Tattoo Blog 4
No, no honey - I'd love to stay and snuggle, honestly. But Dave rang, and he's waiting down the pub. I'll just have one and be right home, I promise. No - it's not a strip club!

Tattoo Blog 2

Hwazzat? Morning? Nahhh..... *hic* I only had a few, just a coupla beers. Bottles. Beers of bottle? An' I think my pants are under the pool table. Awww.... don' leave, honey... I think I need you to hold back my hair...

Oh crap - did I get that on your shoes?



  1. Hot Damn Winter! Very fun post :)

  2. This totally did not help my tattoo addiction.

  3. Hot! Very hot post...

  4. you were taking pictures??? *GASP*

    great post mr. J

  5. I love the beers of bottle idea! Something tells me I will need to use this line tonight...


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